Saturday, October 15, 2016

Mehfil Group Rules (part)

1.Every 'Mehfilian' or member of this  group are requested to maintain the decorum of this group so that this group can fulfill the purpose

2.Do regular study and jot-down important facts and post on group whenever you get free time , try to post at least one post daily..a requirement to stay in this group. A continued absence shall amount to be suspended for sometime or permanently.


1. Irrelevant jokes/quotes or any  other irrelevant things are not  allowed to post in this group

2.Don’t put direct allegation to other in any circumstances. In case of any confusion/ contradiction, ask to admin to moderate the issue.

3.Don’t discuss the personal life of any other group members.

4. Don’t initiate any direct conversation outside the group if you don’t know him/her personally. But if you need any help from other members, you can ask from admin.

5.Some members may appear stranger for other, but it doesn’t matters just keep concentrate on learning

6.No post/discussion in
 between 11PM to 5 AM
Only Results of any competition can be posted if necessary by admin or a person  authorised by admin.
7. Any person who is feeling uneasy in this group can leave silently.
8. Any person not obeying the rules can be deleted without notice at any time.
9) Any member want their friends to become a mehfilian....its his/her responsibility for his her character and to certify it's goodness.
10) As we are a huge family...all are requested to care for all and feel togetherness.



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