Sunday, October 9, 2016

Who can be the best Mehfilian in our Mehfil Group

Who can be the Best Mehfilian of the Month

1) A person Regular in posting in Mehfil group
2) must have posted only meaningful short articles.
3) Not posted any article against our National interest.
4) had not posted any article which could hurt any Mehfilian.
5) had not posted the stuff in bulk at one strok.
6) Mehfilians must have read and liked others posts
7) Must not posted any objectionable item.
8) Must not be suspended from mehfil group in that month.
9) Must care n read others' stuff and reacted on that positively.
10) Must have visited the group one's in a day at least.
11) must have participated in one of the events organised in the 'Mehfil' Group....



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